Searching for victims of drowning

Water is causes the death of many people every year. A large number of people are still considered as missing, as their bodies have not been found.


Eversub is involved in searching for drowning casualties using the latest hydro-acoustic devices and ROV remotely operated underwater vehicles. We act on behalf of individuals and institutions. We are open to cooperation with rescue groups.

The latest 3D bottom mapping technology, high frequency sonars, echoscopes and laser systems allow us to ensure more effective of water casualty search than other search and rescue groups. We can operate in places where others remain unable to assist.

Rivers, lakes and seas are used to hide the bodies of murder victims, as well as murder weapons. This applies especially in areas with deep water, poor visibility, a large surface and a deep layer of mud and current present.

Advantages of using a submarine robot (ROV) in searching for victims of drowning

  • Unlike the working time of a scuba diver which is limited due to the risk of hypothermia, decompression sickness and physical exhaustion in the case of long-term exploration, or the use of gas in a cylinder, the working hours of an ROV robot is unlimited.
  • The robot can operate at great depths that are impossible for a diver to reach due to limits of physiological capability.
  • The use of a submarine robot increases the safety of underwater search and rescue operations by eliminating the human factor.
  • Searching for victims of drowning by a submarine robot and sonar is faster and more accurate.
  • The use of a submarine robot during search operations increases the mental comfort of rescuers, who often conduct searches in conditions of limited visibility. Their role can be limited eventually to removing the body that was previously located.
  • The robot is able to conduct searches in places which are dangerous for rescuers, e.g., . enclosed spaces (caves, mines, shipwrecks), tanks containing chemicals, tanks with unidentified bottoms where there may be protruding parts, sharp objects and explosives.
  • The use of high-quality underwater cameras allows the gathering of extensive photo/video material, which can be used as expert evidence for the courts, Police and prosecutors.
  • The submarine robot modular design allows integration of  the robot with the sonar and other sensors.

Why choose Eversub

  • Our employees have the experience gained over years of searching for water casualties
  • We cooperate with the police, fire brigade, detectives, other institutions
  • We offer our expertise to the courts
  • We have the most recent underwater exploration equipment available on the market
  • We conduct our searches regardless of the time of day or prevailing hydro-meteorological conditions
  • We carry on where other services would stop their underwater exploration