Underwater Inspection of Dams and Locks

Owners of dams, perhaps more than anyone in the water industry, understand the crucial importance of regular inspections. There is a growing worldwide concern for the security of dams. Fewer new ones are created and many existing ones are aging and are starting to show signs of wear.

Inspections of dams can cover multiple areas, but the most difficult to perform are those that need to focus on the submerged surface of the dam. Underwater inspections are not only crucial to check the existing surface of the dams for cracks and signs of aging, but are also required during the construction of new dams.


Inspection of hydrotechnical structures by a diver or an underwater robot?

Currently, the safety requirements for diving specify that in order to perform each diving work, there must be a manager of underwater works and two divers. Maintaining the diving team is very expensive and puts people at risk of loss of life. The depth and duration of diving is also a limitation for divers.

The Eversub ROV is particularly desirable at greater depths where the risk to divers is increased. The surface-powered vessel has an unlimited time of operation under water. It is small enough to transport it to diving sites and it does not require a large team to operate.