Underwater Ship’s Hull Survey


When do we perform underwater ship’s hull surveys?

  • for the purpose of assessing the technical condition during a classification survey
  • before entering dry dock
  • to estimate damage after collision and grounding
  • at the insurer’s request
  • to plan an overhaul and draw up a cost estimate
  • at the ship’s operator’s request to verify situations such as the entanglement of ropes and nets in the propeller

During underwater ship hull surveys, we check

  • Shell plating
  • Propellers
  • Rudder blades
  • Thrusters
  • Azimuth thrusters
  • Kort nozzle propellers
  • Jet propeller nozzles
  • Kingston valves of the cooling system and seawater circuit
  • Sensors mounted in the hull (e.g., echo sounder, sonar transducer, and temperature sensors)
  • Bearing seals
  • Anodes
  • Bulbous bow
  • Closure devices of bottom openings (e.g., of the HIPAP reference system)
  • Draft marks
  • Elements of anchor systems located directly underwater

What do we do during surveys?

  • We carry out visual inspection of the ship’s hull with documentation of the survey in the form of high-quality photo/video materials and a report.
  • The use of sonar and of a navigation system on the robot enables accurate determination of its position relative to the vessel’s hull. This makes the survey more accurate.
  • We carry out non-destructive testing of structural elements of the ship: a) Ultrasonic Thickness measurement (UT); b) Cathodic Protection measurement (CP).
  • Using an underwater robot, we clean the ship’s hull of bio-accumulations and rust.

Site of underwater ship hull survey

Surveys are carried out in the port at the waterfront, in the anchorage area and on the high seas. We operate globally and we are able to transport the underwater robot by helicopter in a very short time.

Benefits of working with Eversub on ship’s hull surveys

  • We help ship operators save time
  • We reduce costs
  • We increase safety
  • We operate globally
  • We have experienced staff

Eversub also performs surveys of drilling rigs, MODUs, FPSOs, and wind farms. Do not hesitate to contact us.