Underwater Security

Underwater safety is a wide area covering a number of diverse activities. A part of them, when carried out by divers, is burdened with multifaceted risk. It may also be impossible to carry them out due to hard-to-reach spaces or other specific environmental conditions. Continuous monitoring over a certain period of time also creates many inconveniences when using traditional solutions. The offer of Eversub is a response to the provision of professional services supporting and ensuring underwater safety.

What may the issue of underwater safety include?

The underwater world – in the open sea, in a port, water reservoirs or watercourses – is hard to reach for persons who do not have proper equipment and skills. Furthermore, such world is normally not monitored, giving rise to numerous dangerous behaviors and situations, as well as abuses. What can underwater works in support of safety include?

Searching for hazardous materials and smuggled goods

Underwater hiding places, vessel hull bottoms or other places are often attractive locations for concealing smuggled drugs, weapons or creating illegal underwater storage. Explosives or other materials may endanger people, hydro-engineering structures, vessels or the environment. They should be effectively discovered and extracted or reported to competent services.

Monitoring of hydro-engineering structures

Terrorist and sabotage threats for hydro-engineering structures are one of the key problems in this field of activities. Underwater spaces are the most likely to be subject, since they are relatively easy to hide. Ports can also be an area of hostile activities consisting in penetration by scuba divers and moving underwater objects as part of sabotage and spy activities. Therefore, underwater monitoring of port structures, intended to detect potential hostile activities, is one of the aspects of the Eversub operations. Effective detection of hazards is the key objective in ensuring safety.

Searching for missing vessels and aircrafts

The scope of works related to underwater safety also includes search-and-rescue operations, covering the search for missing ships, vessels, aircrafts, and black boxes. Wrecks found allow investigations to be carried out to determine causes of accidents, to prevent pollution of the environment, to eliminate the navigation hazard or to intercept innovative technologies by the enemy.

Institutional cooperation at the highest level

Eversub provides worldwide services. It holds relevant certificates and permits. Professionalism, long-term experience of employees and proper equipment guarantee the success of the operational activities undertaken. The possibility of getting to hard-to-reach locations, including the use of a helicopter in an indicated area, makes it possible to provide a wide range of services. As far as underwater safety is concerned, we are able to assist the military and state authorities, as well as institutions, companies or individuals, while observing
the regulations applicable in a given area.

Modern technologies for underwater safety

The equipment of Eversub includes highly specialized devices operated by professionals in their respective fields. Underwater works and other equipment making it possible to provide the best services, every day, seven days a week. Apart from supporting underwater safety, the company also offers other underwater works. These may include inspections in offshore mining, monitoring and securing diving works, underwater works in the renewable energy sector for offshore wind farms. Eversub provides also an opportunity to assist in search-and-rescue operations, various types of underwater inspections, as well as activities related to underwater archeology, environmental research and protection.