Inspection of Ballast Tanks

We perform inspections of ballast tanks in the scope of General Video Inspection (GVI) and Close Video Inspection (CVI). During underwater inspection of ballast tanks, the underwater robot is able to perform non-destructive tests through Ultrasonic Thickness (UT) and Cathodic Protection (CP) measurements.

The use of the ROV ensures full and rapid inspection of all ballast tanks and fresh water tanks. The presence of one or two persons is sufficient for inspection. The robot is able to go down to any depth and easily maneuver in the tank, while recording video material and performing measurements even in its furthest areas. Our inspections meet the HSE requirements and do not cause water contamination in any way.

The tank inspection is able to demonstrate structural damage, the condition of coatings, the degree of corrosion, and the condition of the internal infrastructure of the tank (pipes, manholes, sensors).

Advantages of inspection of ballast tanks with Eversub’s ROV underwater vessel

  • Safety – elimination of the human factor in working in confined spaces and at depth
  • Efficiency of operation of the vessel, saving time and money – no need to empty water from the tank or ventilate the tank. In the case of a standard inspection, these two factors may affect the continuity of operation and stability of the vessel.

What does an inspection of ballast tanks cover?

The inspection is compliant with the guidelines of the classification society concerned.

Includes, among others, planning and preparation. The initial planning should include an agreement between the classification society and the owner of the vessel on the acceptance criteria for passing of the survey.

The owner is obliged to submit plans and procedures for the ROV classification review of the tanks. The documentation shall include, inter alia:

  • plans, drawings or forms identifying areas under inspection and non-destructive testing methods
  • plans to deal with detection of cracks and damage that may require repair
  • provisions concerning the reporting of any damage found
  • history of previous inspections and identified defects in individual tanks

Eversub also provides underwater inspections of anchor systems and the hulls of vessels.

We conduct underwater inspection of all offshore facilities on the high seas, including wind farms, FPSO, MODU, jack-up drilling platforms.